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Our organisation

Landcom’s ambition is to make a positive difference to people’s lives in NSW by increasing the supply, affordability and diversity of housing and creating sustainable communities.

Landcom is a commercial business that develops land to achieve public outcomes and financial benefits for the NSW Government and the people of NSW.

We supply home sites through the delivery of sustainable masterplanned communities and development projects, with a focus on expanding the stock of affordable and diverse housing.

We enable development by de-risking and unlocking strategic and complex sites in collaboration with landowners and the market.

Our goals, priorities and values

Our goals

To achieve our ambition and the NSW Government’s urban management objectives we are focused on four goals:

Increase housing supply

Expand to regional NSW

Leadership in affordable housing

Build-to-rent pilots in the regions

Our commitment to leadership in sustainability and climate resilience applies to each of our goals.

Our strategic priorities




Public value


Our values

Increase housing supply

Excel through strong relationships

Bring an enterprising spirit

Our code of conduct

Act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Build relationships, treating all others with respect and dignity.

Ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourself and others.

Respect confidentiality and use information appropriately.

Use and manage public resources economically and efficiently.

Hold each other accountable to the Code of Conduct.

FY23 economic
and financial

FY23 economic and financial highlights


returned to NSW Government (FY23 income tax equivalents and dividend declared)


net profit after tax


dividend paid (in relation to 2022 results)


sales revenue


home sites settled

We are a proud

Carbon Neutral Organisation

certified under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard*

*Certified by Climate Active, under the Carbon Neutral Standard. For more information refer to our Sustainability Report

GRESB Real Estate Assessment ranked Landcom in the

Top four most sustainable residential development organisations in Oceania

We undertake transparent sustainability reporting under

Global Reporting Initiative Standard (GRI)

Our internal risk audit approach conforms to International Professional Practice Framework and Internal Audit Standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors

Awards and recogniton

Inclusive Employer Index Accreditation from the Diversity Council of Australia as one of DCA’s Top 30 Most Inclusive Employers in Australia, November 2022

Finalist in the National Australian Human Resource Institute Mental Health Awards in December 2022 recognising our contribution to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Finalist in the Property Council of Australia’s Innovation & Excellence Awards for Diversity and Inclusion (for organisations with less than 250 employees)

Finalist in the Property Council of Australia’s People First Award in May 2023 for the Learning Plan and Capability Framework

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Sustainability Report

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